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From Nancy
Feb 26, 2008

I recently looked at all your videos and pictures. I absolutely love animals and don't want to eat them. I figured the slaughters were pretty bad, and out of choice didn't want to know more than I needed to. But I never ever thought the poor things half the time are half alive, or are treated so cruelly during the transport.

I'm glad they are shutting down that 'downer cattle' slaughter house in California and certain people lost their jobs. What kind of a person does it take to even work in a slaughter house? That person must be an empty shell with no soul or conscience ... no sensitivity for anything human or animal.

I have seen a video of fur slaughter and that still haunts me at night when I cant sleep. I don't justify killing animals for meat, but to kill beautiful animals just for their own fur is the worst. Some day I am going to be arrested for my big mouth, but I can't stand it when I see women wearing fur. It kills me and makes me sick.

God bless our animals. I'll never understand why they have to suffer so much.

Nancy Werle

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Nancy:

Thank you very much for your compassionate letter.

As long as you are polite when you speak out about fur, there is little chance of you being arrested, since you are exercising your right of free speech.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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