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From Greg and Vicki
Mar 22, 2008

Do you feel animals in the states are being sold to Korea? I read somewhere that some pounds will ship them to other countries, is this true? Aren't there animal rights in Korea? The pictures were so sad, those dogs crammed in those cages. I couldn't look at most of the pictures because it makes me so sad to see such evil in the world. But if animals in the US are being sold to other countries from pounds, it seems like that could be stopped.

Greg and Vicki

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Greg and Vicki:

Thank you for writing.

To the best of our knowledge only animal adoption organizations will ship animals, but we've never heard of any being shipped to Korea.

Korea definitely doesn't have any animal rights, and the few welfare laws they do have seem to be rarely enforced. This is why we all need to speak out and inform the public about the atrocities being committed upon animals.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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