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From Gail
Mar 23, 2008

I have just viewed the stills of the raccoon dogs and it has made me feel ashamed of my own species. I do not and never have worn any kind of fur.

I have an Alaskan Malamute which this time of year mouls very badly. I put her fur balls out for the nesting birds hoping I am making some kind of difference to help keep the baby birds warm and safe.

I cannot believe what I have just seen with my own eyes. Fur only looks fantastic on the creatures God intended it for, and that is NOT the human race.

Gail Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Gail:

Thank you very much for writing and for your concern.

Please help us end these atrocities by telling as many other people as you can, and by referring them to our web site so that they can see for themselves.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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