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From Beryl Furman - 7 Aug 2008

So many people say: "God gave us animals to use." Why don't they make the distinction between torture and a respectful attitude towards animals?

Even when using animals after their death you should treat them with respect. But when people become informed of what happens to the animals and how they suffer, it still doesn't change their minds or behavior. They keep on eating meat, milk and eggs with pleasure.

How is all this possible? Only because good people allow it. I use all my energy, time and money for fighting against the torturers. And so do you too, thank God.

Best wishes,

Beryl Furman, Finland

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Beryl:

Thank you for writing back.

We believe that people do these horrible things to animals, mostly because from their early childhood they are taught to not care about any animal except perhaps their own companions. As a result, they have their hearts hardened, and they lose most of their empathy. As a result, they become sociopathic.

We don't know a lot about the animal rights movement in Finland. Is their much activity? Also, are there many vegans?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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