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From Robin
October 20, 2008

An article today states 1,500 raccoon dogs died from tainted dog food. I thought that was horrible.... but then I thought, "what the heck are the Chinese breeding dogs for", so I looked it up. Which now, I can hardly write this email through my sobs of grief.

How can this brutal torture and horrific slaying of these animals be allowed for profit in any country in this world? I know each country has their own laws, but skinning these animals alive is worse than barbaric. Isn't there any world organization that can influence governments of these "barbaric" countries to prohibit these type of slayings -- AT LEAST to make them humanely kill the animal first? This is so much more than animal cruelty

Videos showing the slaying of these animals for their fur should be shown in every county, at the movie theater, during prime time tv and other venues --- too graphic ?? I am just sick. The story needs to come out.

I thank God that these dogs were poisoned, though painful,,, I'm certain it was less of a torturous death that being skinned alive. I will never visit China. Never.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Robyn:

Thank you for writing. We feel the same disgust and anger over the cruelty that you do.

We and other organization are working on ending the exploitation of raccoon dogs and other animals all over the world, and we have found that exposing the truth to the public is one of the most effective tools we have. Please help us by telling as many people as you can and by referring them to our web site so that they can see for themselves.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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