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From Angela
October 30, 2008

I have to say I was very disturbed at the pictures on this site when showing the cruelty and torture of these innocent animals.

I was more disturbed at the detailed information at the side.  How dare you compare Chinese slaughter to our modern day slaughter! I agree that animals should not be killed for their fur and meat. However in places such as in the UK, etc. they have abatoirs where animals are taken and STUNNED before they are killed.

This makes it painless for the animal as it is brain dead and cannot feel a thing.

Chinese slaughter keeps the animal alive and fully aware of the pain and it angers me when you compare their slaughter to our slaughter saying it is no different!

Get your facts right! It's people like you who encourage the Chinese to do this and then respond by saying 'Well every other country does it!' when in actual fact they don't!

When being transported the cows, sheep, pigs, etc. are NOT crammed into small cages, thrown off the back of trucks and skinned alive in front of each other! They are straight in and straight out, not forced to watch each other endure this horrific torture as do the Chinese.

I think you should have a re-think over what you have put out, as other countries are no way near as bad, sadistic and horrific as the Chinese!

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Angela:

Thank you for writing, but there is no such as humane slaughter, and yes, all animals are in terror and feel the pain of slaughter, which is particularly bad at high speed slaughter houses.

The Chinese intentionally torture many of the animals, but so do many of the factory farm and slaughterhouse workers. This is why we need to stop all animal exploitation.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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