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From Cheryl
Nov 2-18, 2009

The famous statement, Do unto others.... I guess that falls true in both good/evils categories. I understand that two wrongs don't make a right, but what can be done at minimal is to keep the slaughtering of all "edible" animals humane. There is no need to torture any living creature before it is to die for consumption. Nor does it need to be in living hell its entire life before its demise.

I do believe that there is a "food pyramid" as mother nature and earth intended even B.C. However, we "intellectual higher beings" (as humans like to refer to themselves) do not need to be barbaric as hunters and nomads did long ago shooting darts and such at an animal to kill it slowly in pain.

Plus, these people in other countries and US are just plain cruel for fun or for profit. After seeing those pictures I lost my appetite altogether...the dieticians should use them as therapy for obesity. How do you expect to change entire culture's way of thought??

As of today, my 15 1/2 year old retriever is withering away from enlarged organs and spleen tumors. He doesn't want to eat and I am trying to force feed and make "baby food" for him that he can ingest quickly. If he wasn't up and walking around and wanting to go for a walk I would say it's time for his mercy...but he amazingly is still showing me the will to live. It's heart breaking.

Oh by the way, in the wild, dogs eat meat and hunt other animals. Their bodies are not meant to feed on grain like cows and horses. So in order for the food pyramid to take place you must have natural order.

Unfortunately, their would have to be some slaughtering....I just get angry at the cruelty and inhumane ways. I saw a chicken truck go by me on the highway one night and was in disgust. Can't they just kill the chickens before cramming them into an open-air 18 wheeler stacked in the coups like SARDINES in a can so they are petrified no less?!

Humans are just cruel and we even kill each other for profit via murder, burglary, robbing, money laundering, and we sell ourselves, or get kidnapped for sale or ransom. WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. Rigghhhhttt.

My apologies for getting off subject. I do completely understand the Go VEGAN cause, but if the entire world did so, think of the effects. Our pet animals won't have any meat protein source their biochemical profile needs. Changing the world to Vegan would be like trying to make the entire population believe in Jesus Christ and follow the word of the Lord. As it is, government is taking away the God We Trust.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Cheryl:

The problem is that the entire animal agriculture industry is run by money and keeping the cost at the absolute minimum with absolutely no regard for the animals, and the government supports them in their cruelty until there is something that causes a public outcry, and even then to only look at that particular operation and do nothing about the others. And, most importantly, there is no such thing as humane slaughter.

A truly healthful food pyramid contains no meat or dairy.

One approach is to change one person at a time, as we've started to do with you. Have you seen our recipe section? We're sure there are a lot of suggestions you would love.

We are sorry to hear about your dog. We had a large dog, too, and she was vegan and very healthy, and lived to over 15, only to die from complications from an insect bite.

What you refer to as 'the natural order' is really a corrupt order and not God's creation and heavenly intent.

Also, you cannot get too little protein. Calorie for calorie romaine lettuce and broccoli have just as much protein as ground beef. Think about where large animals such as cows and elephants get their protein...they get it from the plants they eat.

We also agree that we need to change our moral values, for it is the human indifference and hardness of heart toward animals that is at the root of the problem.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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