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From Natalie About Chinese Fur Farms
Aug 24, 2010

Hi there,

I care greatly about animals and am deeply traumatized at what is going on on these sick fur farms in China and Asia!! Tthe still pictures of what happened to that raccoon dog has upset me beyond words. How the hell can this continue to happen!! Can we not stop this and get petitions signed online in the UK and in America stating that we will never buy real fur??

Seriously if we then sent these petitions to the Chinese government do you think it would stop and abolish this sick trade? Words can just not describe the torture and agony that these poor innocent animal must be going through. Like you said these people truly are sadistic demons. It does seem that they get a sick kick out of torturing these animals, and for crowds of people to laugh and sneer at what is happening brings me to tears.

I believe in Heaven and Hell and I hope to God these sickos go to hell for what they are doing. I just wish I was there with a gun to stop it from happening!! Jesus Christ this cannot continue surely??!! Can we not put this in newspapers and on television?

I know it would shock the life out of people-as they donít realize that this is going on. They think that the skins are taken off already dead animals!! This needs to be broadcasted. We cannot keep standing by and doing nothing. Please, please can we do something to stop this from happening? I have campaigned on the PETA website for all different stories involving animal cruelty, but this is the one that truly upsets me the most, along with the live export of live cattle being sent to slaughter in the middle east countries. T there are some sick mother ******* about in this world!!! If I was in China I would stand outside these fur farms and blow them up! Ha!

I feel so strongly about this. Can we not do something???

By the way I think your website is lovely and I see that you care deeply for God's creatures as much as I do. Please, can we not get this torture stopped?

Yours Sincerely Natalie from UK

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Natalie:

Thank you for writing. We are just as saddened and angry as you are.

Petitions to governments like China don't do a lot of good unless they are accompanied by some good press coverage so that the public becomes aware of the situation. They don't want public opinion turning against them, which is probably the only way these atrocities will end. This is best accomplished by piggy-backing the information around some other news item. A press conference could also be help in front of the consulates and embassies, by local activist groups in various countries.

Publishing on the internet also helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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