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From Annie About Fox Hunting
Dec 19, 2010

Dear Sir, Madam,

I feed three foxes each night in the local park, I have been doing this for 7 months now, since the mother fox brought them with her. They each have very different characteristics and I have named them accordingly--------Skat is Skatty ,V has an upside-down V on his nose and is quite bold and last but not least Gannet ,due to her ferocious appetite.

I call them and they come running. I do it for the following reasons:

It keeps them out of peoples gardens and off the roads. They have a good diet instead of rubbish picked up on the streets.

When I saw the fox hunt pictures on your site...oh my gosh. It is so sick and these people have no soul. When I saw the fur farms, Nazi Germany came to mind.

How can anyone treat animals so cruelly? It escapes me.

Dr. Brian May has a website called SAVE ME. He is working so very hard to make fox hunting a thing of the past. He is also campaigning for all animals to be treated with compassion and allowed to live their lives in peace.

I would love to see all the animal rights groups get together.

Best wishes, Annie

Reply from Frank and Mary

Thank you very much for telling us your experiences with the foxes and your desire to see all fox hunting stopped. We feel the same way, and go further in our trying to end the exploitation of all animals.

The only problem with feeding wild animals is that they may overly friendly and approach other humans looking for food and they may misinterpretation the peaceful intentions of the animals, and become frightened and call authorities who will kill the animals. This is a cruel world.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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