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From Jessica about Animal Testing - 3 Nov 2012

To whom it may concern,
I cannot believe that humans can do this to animals. This is disgusting to me and I would like to do something about this but I do not know what. I just wish I could take action personally and tell these evil people face to face how I really feel.

I don't understand how any person with feelings could even work in a laboratory like the ones shown in the pictures. I am so upset :[ I wish I could save all the animals in the world. Please tell me when animal testing will stop for good.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Jessica:
Thank you for your concern and for wanting to help.
Laboratory testing on animals, and for that matter all other forms of animal exploitation are tied together, and will not end until we humans become credible witnesses and speak out against all forms of animal abuse.
From everything we learned over the past 30 years, it all begins with what we eat. Most of the chronic diseases and viruses we get come from eating animals and their byproducts. There is also a huge amount of money to be made from these illnesses from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and this prompts the testing on animals. So, we should all be eating an unprocessed vegan cuisine, and writing letters to the editor and speaking out.
Please take a look at Animal Rights Activism.
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In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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