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From Peter about Raccoon Dog Cruelty - 28 Feb 2013

This is disgusting.  How can we stop this? I cannot understand why they put these beautiful animals through this torture and get enjoyment from it.  It is beyond my comprehension that people can be so cruel.  How can they not feel for these animals through their suffering?  How can they enjoy it.  I know it is wrong of me to think this, but I wish that these people were treated to a bit of their own medicine.
I cannot understand any cruelty to any animal.  It saddens me greatly to think of these things going on.
There is no reasonable explanation as to why they are doing this. Even if animals are being killed for food you can kill them humanely and breed them in natural conditions. There is no excuse to do otherwise, ever!


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Peter:
We agree with you about the horrible suffering of animals. The only way we are going to end it is to keep informing every other person we can.
And for clarification, there is no such things a humane slaughter. Many so-called "food animals" suffer just as much as those raccoon dogs.
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In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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