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From Brad about Primate Experimentation Cruelty
May 16, 2013

In relation to the picture, monkey experimentation 4 (again from the BUAV investigation video), this unfortunate sole is actually not pleading. He/she is actually in full blown panic mode. The monkey was, to no avail, struggling with everything he/she could muster in an attempt to free itself.

From the video, just after this frame, a worker comes over and takes the monkey's tail, not sure why, but the monkey calmed right down, then switching to another frame.

So I don't know if they restrained the monkey's tail to further dissuade him/her from flailing around. The monkey on the restraint table behind the picture is forcibly being placed into the restraint with techs pulling hard to force the monkey to extend his/her leg to be restrained. It's just sickening.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Brad:
Thank you very much for the details. This whole system is both sad and corrupt.  

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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