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From James about Cruelty to Seals and all Animals
Jan 6 , 2014

That is so sad. That photo of the man with the furry baby seal on the ice near water was horrible. I hate it that seals and so many other species are treated and dying this way.

How would humans like it if they were to be wacked to death with a metal cane. It's just so wrong. I know that seals have attacked humans from time to time, but they did that if the seals thought they were being threatened, or they were frightened and were protecting their young.

I wish that this message spreads far and wide and to the hunters, stop harming these creatures. What have they ever done to you? And if they have done something, why give them a painful death and living hell. I hope that all goes well with helping these poor creatures and for all other species being treated this way. And that they are left alone to live their lives in peace.

As for humans, we should really clean up our act, we are extremely overpopulated, we pollute the oceans, sky and land. We take what we think is rightfully ours, waste so much, we fight each other for wealth and we are selfish beings. I can tell that you may be a good human.

I hope all goes well. Best of luck.

Kind regards,

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear James:

Thank you very much for your comments and understanding of the horrors that most humans do to animals, and the majority of people are indifferent to the animals suffering.

We need more young people like you, for in your collective sensitivities to the plight of animals rests the future of our world.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary


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