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14 November 1999


A special request has been received from "Florida Voices for Animals" to all animal activists for help with getting the website name "" out there to the general public. This website is a series of filmclips showing very graphically what different kinds of "food animals" go through in slaughterhouses. It's grim and brutal, but it's what people need to see to get them to make the connection between living beings and cellophane-wrapped packages in grocery stores. You are limited only by your imagination (and what's legal) as regards ways to get this website name out there - put it on bulletin boards at work (a box of 1,000 business cards that say "Seeing is Believing -" only costs about $10.00), put it on bumper stickers, have it on signs during demonstrations against the meat industry, refer to it in chatrooms, take out inexpensive ads in the classified sections of local papers, etc..., etc..

We couldn't pay any amount of money to get these films on T.V., but on the internet we can show the general public something they've never been allowed to see before and need to see. One final comment to address a question you'll surely ask -- the reason we had to do this website in a "downloading" manner (which takes some time if you're not on Roadrunner or some other high speed line) as opposed to instant "streaming" is that with streaming, you pay according to how many hits you get. We had to avoid a situation where the domain host says "The good news is you had a million hits this month, the bad news is you owe us $10,000". Also, you can't download virtual streaming onto your own computer to send to others, show others, etc..... In short, we felt that the advantages of the downloading approach outweighed the very risky disadvantages of virtual streaming (and hopefully, everyone will be on high-speed lines sooner or later anyway). Please feel free to use our meatsource banner, to use, cut and paste the following html onto your own page: href=""><.imgsrc="ANImeatsource.gif" ALT=" animated logo"height="51"width="461"><./a>.

Thanks so much for any help you can give towards making our goal of having this website known worldwide a reality.

Florida Voices for Animals
Source: [email protected]
Jim Lewallen - President, Florida Voices for Animals

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