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From 5 January 2000 Issue

Ideas For Student Groups

* Connect with local COMMUNITY vegetarian societies.

* Become a recognized student group. Put out table tents in the various dining halls to announce upcoming animal issues.

* Do voter registration, to show that your vegetarian and/or AR group is a good campus citizen.

* Give FREE vegan meals to the students during periods when the POINTS on their meal cards tend to be depleted. Provide the food from meals that your own group members provide free to everyone on the campus. Some campus dining hall might be available to house your event.

* Hold regular weekly meetings at which your members research on their own the various vegetarian and AR issues, and let the group members give reports - about 20 minutes each - explaining each abuse, issue, nutrient, etc.

for instance, a 90 minute meeting could be -

*15 minute introduction -
*then a 20-minute report on the problems with the veal industry,
*then a 20-minute report on a particular advance in non-animal research methods,
*then a final 20-minute report on some nutritional issue, such as IRON metabolism.
*Then 15 minutes more planning your next venture - which is primarily done in committees - not in your most public meetings.

* Bring in some guest speakers from the local vegetarian groups. They should be able to make that happen.

* Have an INTER-CAMPUS animal rights group conference in the Spring - perhaps after (or before) Spring Break - invite a famous vegetarian speaker as a keynote speaker, perhaps on Friday evening, then have a series of breakout sessions on various AR and vegetarian topics - or have PETA show up and do "Animal Rights 101" all day Saturday.

* Students from visiting campuses could sleep in sleeping bags on the floors in the rooms of the students in the host campus group, and a modest luncheon could be provided on Saturday. Alternatively, some local vegetarian restaurant might be willing to cater your event for free - since these students in your area are probably likely to bring more than that amount of money back into the restaurant, over a period of time.

* Invite a vegetarian and/or animal rights folk singer to campus as a campus event.

* Do some COOPERATIVE events with other campus groups - for instance, the ecology group on campus might be interested in Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, or various departments might be interested in dialogues or debates, or you could have a discussion with several campus groups on the value of life

Hindu group
animal rights group
Prolife group
Christian group (Campus Crusade?)
Jain group
Oxfam or other hunger group

and be careful to weave into the discussion the concerns for animals AND vegetarianism as a concern for the lives of BOTH the nonhumans AND humans, as well as the ecosystem (including "Creation care" - to open the plane of discussion) - to build a FRIENDLY campus discussion.

* Invite some great vegetarian authors to speak on Campus.

Source: "Maynard S. Clark" <[email protected]>

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