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19 November 2000

By [email protected]

"Good evening, I'm Kimberly Lobo, and you're watching Channel 3's 11 o'clock news.

"Tonight's top story, thousands, maybe even millions, are being murdered as we speak. Our own Steve Vulpine is out on the scene. Steve?"

"Thank you, Kimberly. I'm standing here, and as you can see, the scene is a terrifying one. Blood everywhere, screams, terror. These murders have been committed for weeks, and there's no sign of slowing down. It's terrible. The bodies are flung into trucks and taken away. Where to, we don't know yet. The killers continue their massacre, without so much as a blink. I talked to one of them earlier. Here's what he had to say."

"Heh, it's a living. Better them than me, that's all I know. It's my job, and I'll continue doing it."

"There is no compassion here. The footage we've obtained is not suitable to show, but you can see from behind me what's going on. The stench is terrible, and the number of lives lost continues to grow. The noise is deafening. The victims are being crushed, kicked, and beaten before they are killed at the hands of the murderers. As you can see, there are bodies all over the floor, most of them trampled into unrecognizable figures. This is the worst I've ever seen. It makes me sick to be here, but also thankful that I am alive, and not tortured, as these souls are."

"Are there any actions being taken by the public, Steve?"

"Kimberly, the public eye is turned away from this, because they don't want to believe this horror is happening. Most people don't even know what is going on here. But a rare few have protested this massacre, crying out to a public that just won't listen. If they could only see what I have seen tonight, they would speak out against this atrocity. What's worse is that the government funds this. And these lives are unnecessarily lost. We can only hope that this broadcast can show our viewers the real truth. Live at the Northern Brooks Turkey Slaughterhouse, I'm Steve Vulpine, Channel 3 News."

"Thank you, Steve. Coming up after the break, 'Who's on your plate?' "

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