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21 July 2002
Animal Lover

By Michelle Rivera - [email protected] 

Do you sit for hours and watch a cat sleep and wonder about each twitch and tremor? Do you study a bird in a freshly-made puddle as he cleanses his wings and his soul? Do you feel the wonder of each little chick as she pecks her way into the world? Or race home on the freeway with one thought in mind…
My animals wait for me there?

Do you rage at the TV when hearing of news of abuse a poor creature endured…
When the cop shot the dog or the dad killed the fish or the puppy was set all ablaze?

Do you share funny stories of “When he was a pup….” Or what “Kitty did today.”
With like-minded souls who know “just what you mean” and laugh ‘til the cows come home?

Do you study each e-mail, each alert and each plea for an animal issue in need?
Then spend all of your time writing letters and notes to the people who sit in control?

Do you think your loved-ones who eat animals and things that come from within
Are confused and misguided and so puzzling that you just don’t get it at all?

Do you feel the pain in the pit of your chest when your heart breaks at learning the truth
Of the things they go through each day at the hands of those who are so very blind?

And then swear they will pay with their souls one day and you hope it will be one day soon?

Can you look in the eye of a horse or a cow and reach so deep in her soul you are one?
Can you lovingly lift little beings on the road who are dying, in pain and alone,
and offer them comfort and tears and a prayer as they slip to the other side?

Or stop traffic to save a small frightened turtle or mom duck and her ducks in a row?

Do you secretly wish you were with A.L.F. and could act out in rage, take control
Of the labs and the zoos and the rodeos too and could set it all right once again?

Do you cringe at the sight of a box on the street and believe there are kittens inside?
Do you keep your dog close so that no harm will come ‘cuz you know just what THEY might do?

Do you know in your heart and your soul without doubt that their rights are inherent and just?
And that those in cages, tanks, chains, pits and ponds and pools and perches and crates…
Will one day fly and run and swim and hop and crawl open and free?

Do you hate when they say you’re an “animal lover” because that’s just not what it’s all about?
Do you?
Me too.

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