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From 4 April 2004 Issue

Nation's Most Notorious Pet "B Dealer" Charged

Over 1,000 Federal Violations of the Animal Welfare Act
could amount in $4 million fine for Christian Minister, C.C. Baird
"The FBI of Animal Rights," Last Chance For Animal's investigation of Baird
prompts USDA's charges

April 2, 2004 Los Angeles, CA- This week, the “FBI of Animal Rights,” Last Chance for Animal’s (LCA) 15-year investigation on “B Dealer,” and Church of Christ Minister, C.C. Baird, resulted in the USDA’s 108-page list of over 1000 animal cruelty charges against, C.C. Baird, owner of Martin Creek Kennels in Williford, Arkansas. The charges, which include alleged violations of random source regulations and naming of more than 52 “bunchers” Baird employed to steal companion pets that he sold to research laboratories are graphic and disturbing. Details of the charges will be revealed by Last Chance for Animals founder, Chris DeRose in a press conference in Little Rock Arkansas on Saturday, April 17th at the Capital Hotel, 111 West Markham Street at 11 a.m. The charges against Baird are a monumental victory for LCA. Their 15-year investigation on the B Dealer prompted the US Attorney and 5 other federal organizations, including the USDA, to investigate Baird last Fall. On September 26, 2003, six Federal organizations and the Arkansas State Police descended upon Baird’s Sharp County Martin Creek Kennels property and confiscated 125 of his 750 Animals. The US Attorney’s criminal indictment of Baird and his connection to stealing thousands of pets in Arkansas and neighboring states is pending.

Some of the charges that the USDA inspectors listed include:

* “Dogs suffering from fresh puncture wounds and lacerations.”
* “Dog skeletons and carcasses, still bearing their id tags… on (Baird’s) property.”
* “Waste cover(ing) the floor of the (dog’s) enclosure, preventing the animals from walking without stepping in urine, feces and food debris.”
* “Among the dozens of live rats and mice in all areas of the room, one rat became stuck in a wall, and was killed and eaten on the spot (by the dogs) in pen number ---. Live, whole rats do not constitute wholesome, palatable food for dogs.”

Coincidentally, Senator Daniel Akaka’s (HI) re-introduction of the “Pet Safety and Protection Act” is scheduled to be brought to the senatorial floor in the coming week.

“These charges against Baird help to show the importance of creating laws that will protect companion pets from being sold to research laboratories,” said Chris Derose. “Our investigation showed that Baird has been stealing thousands of pets for many years. Not only could he be fined over $4 million dollars for the abominable manner in which he treated them while they awaited their fate on a researcher’s slab, but he also stands to lose his B Dealer license. Currently his B Dealer license legally allows him to collect random source animals to sell to research labs. If Senator Akaka’s bill passes, this will make B Dealer licenses extinct. “

The USDA’s charges against Baird are ironic, as the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (A.P.H.I.S.) is a part of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). A.P.H.I.S. issues B Dealer licenses and self-governed themselves on this issue.

Founded in 1984 by Chris DeRose, Last Chance for Animals ( is the “FBI of Animal Rights,” a national, nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to ending animal exploitation and suffering.

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