Animal Writes
From 13 March 2005 Issue

Words of Wisdom from a Woman Turning 50
By Marr Nealon - [email protected]

* Appreciate the people who like you....and let the others go their own way.
* Remember that human lovers may come & go....but a dog's love is here to stay.
* The sooner in life that a person goes vegan, the younger they remain.
* Harsh words cut deep & leave scars. Kindness goes a long way & pays dividends.

* Feed & water the birds & squirrels. Their gratitude is a joy to behold.
* Buy cut flowers and hasten their demise. Buy a potted plant & enjoy it's beauty for years.
* Love me, love my dog.
* Go thru old files & recycle paper you don't need. Enjoy the laugh over things you forgot about....and over things you have no idea why you saved so long!
* If I had it to do over...I would do it all over!...and probably not change much.

* Seek variety in work and play.
* Writing out your feelings awakens you to what is really in your heart & head.
* Remember that every single person is one of a kind. There are no carbon copies.
* Respect life. All life.

* Don't take anything for granted.
* Value acquired memories, experiences, knowledge...more than things.
* Instead of taking a pill for stress...take a hike in the mountains.
* Minimum daily requirements are the love of an animal, the warmth of the sun & the colorfulness of flowers....

* Step back every now & then & take an objective look at your own behavior.
* Recognize when you are doing things the hard way, and ease up on yourself.
* Be grateful for continued love from those who know you best--they know your flaws & love you anyway.
* Friends can "become" our family.

* Create opportunities for yourself...don't wait for it to come knocking.
* Go after what you want out of life...nothing worthwhile happens without effort.
* Live simply, recycle, re-use, don't be wasteful. All of our actions have effects on the environment, on the use of natural resources, on the quality of our air & water & on the capacity of our landfills. Be conscious of this.
* Choose happiness over fear.

* On warm nights, be cautious to avoid stepping on the little guys....snails, worms, slugs, is precious to these creatures too.
* Nurture the friendships with which you feel ease. Move on from ones that take enormous energy to maintain.
* Exercise makes a huge difference in how you feel.
* Learn from animals. They have unconditional love down pat, and are here to set the ultimate example.

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