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From 21 August 2005 Issue

Letter To Court TV - The BTK Killer
By Sue Marston - [email protected] 

I saw your program today, and have written to you before. There have been a few programs that expose the sick behavior towards animals escalating to humans. I agree with Lisa Bloom that people who torture animals should be put away, and I believe that should happen even if it does not escalate to humans. Do people think that animals do not suffer? How shallow are we that as a society we do not care about their suffering?

I was red flagged when Dr. Keith Ablow mentioned that people who strived to harm children would get cats and, as he put it, PUT THEM DOWN. This makes me believe that Dr. Ablow wants to minimize the torture of animals, and does not care about what violent people do to them. Putting down is when you euthanize by overdose with an injection. I find it impossible to believe that someone who wants to harm children picks up cats and administers a shot of sodium Phenobarbital.

As for the thrill of strangulation and watching someone suffer, I worked at the Ventura PD, and when the head of the K9 team found out I care about animals (could this be a form of hazing?) he brought his K9 into the station, and while the dog was lying quietly on the floor, he suddenly hoisted the dog up and hanged him to unconsciousness (with a pronged choker, which stabs into the neck while strangling). Aside from the fact that I went into shock and could not move or think straight, I do not know how I could have stopped it. The cries of that dog while he was being hanged were so heartbreaking. I cried the rest of my shift, and have many times since.

When I complained and tried to get something done about it, I was taunted and harassed, and, of course, nothing was done about it. My supervising Captain told me that if I tried to expose it, he could not guarantee that I would not be harassed at work, at home, and in public, and that ultimately did happen after I found out that this is going on regularly and made further efforts to get it exposed. When I generated some letters to the chief of police, the harassment not only escalated, but I had a tire slashed during this time, and then after having it replaced, my car was wobbling while I drove it, and I pulled into a gas station. I asked the attendant to look it over, and after he did, he told me I was lucky to be alive (I had been driving on the freeway). He advised me that my right rear tire had been grossly over inflated, and all but one of the lug nuts on that wheel were missing.

After another woman, a civilian, complained about a K9 being manually strangled while also being kicked in the testicles, she was physically shoved around by this monster, and then he went back to the PD and filed a police report charging HER with battery. The testicle kicker later chuckled, HEH,HEH,HEH, DID YOU SEE THAT GLAND JUICE SQUIRT ALL OVER US?, referring to the dog losing control of his bowels while being hanged. The nickname of their training course is THE HANG EM HIGH CLUB. It is a long, long story, and I saved so much documentation, hoping that someone would be interested. I found an attorney for the woman, but he took my money and then backed out at the last minute before he was supposed to file charges.

I left the department, giving up a pension, benefits, and very good pay, for TWO reasons. The first is that I have so much saved documentation, that I thought that writing a book about it would be helpful, and I felt that I could not remain there while writing about their crimes. I spent about $6,000.00 of my savings to write the book, but I give it out free so that no one can accuse me of trying to make money off of this horror (as if people would be rushing out to buy a book that is not a FEEL GOOD book). The second reason is that when I experienced so many police, right up to the chief, willing to come after me and do many illegal things to try to shut me up (and shut up the civilian woman), I decided it is a very toxic and evil environment, and I did not want to associate with such low people for 40 hours a week. Of course, I have not been able to get another government job, and I now make very little money in comparison to what I made at the PD.

So, the BTK killer is not alone. David Inglis knew when he hanged Armin in my presence, he was not only torturing his K9, he had the extra thrill of tormenting me. He has killed and maimed dogs, and gotten away with it, but he is not alone. There are many like him in the police, military, and the private sector all over the world, as my research into it has revealed.

I have been disappointed in the response from most of the media. I guess if the police torture their K9s for no reason other than THEY GET OFF ON IT (and I had plenty of time to get clear on this motive), that is OK?

My website on the repeated torture of these dogs is 

Sue Marston

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