It's supposed to be normal
Easy to say
Everybody does it
So it must be okay

Go to a barbecue
In fact, provide the ribs
Slap sauce all over them
Laugh as you gobble up fibs

Chew on the flesh
As you disguise the truth
Laugh, have some beer
Vegetarians are so uncouth

Teach kindness and goodwill
Share that with your daughter
As you place on her plate
The remains of a slaughter

Turn your head
And turn away your eyes
It just tastes too damn good
To confront industrial lies

The seasons will come
Defined by your feasts
You gather your family
And desecrate those of beasts

Top of the food chain
You're number one
Smacking away on a creature
That is another's son

You even feel strong
When you set your traps
Maybe it's already packaged
You've got murder under wraps

Have your hamburgers
Call them a different name
You don't have to address
The selfish, self-indulgent shame

Take your finger and
Point it at me
I live for life
And let other creatures be

A mouthful of cruelty
And a gut full of spite
It's lazier to pass the buck
Then to address what is right

Everybody's doing it
It must be okay
But if the food chain flipped around
It would be a very different day

You would cry out
You would scream that it is wrong
But it would be too late
Because it would be others who were strong

This can't happen to me
I am a human being
They just don't understand me
It is they that are not seeing

I have a voice
And I have a heart
How strange no one can hear me
For food they will tear me apart?

You don't understand
We're supposed to be equal
God gave us all this Earth
Why the 180 degree sequel?

I'm the superior species
Can't you see I'm smart?
I swear I'd go back and change it
Really, I mean it from my heart.

I know things are different now
Can't we all get along?
I'm now wearing your shoes
And I see that I was wrong.

~~ [email protected]

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