I Am So Scared!!
by Colleen - [email protected] 

I am so scared!
I don't know where I am!!
Yesterday my family brought me here in a car
They pushed me out the door and drove away!
There are trees all around and strange noises.
I am so hungry!!!
My family was mad at me for something.
I heard them saying they didn't need a pregnant cat.
When I was a kitten The Boy and The Girl played with me a lot!
It was so much fun playing with the strings and balls!!
They all said it was so cute when I climbed the curtains
and raced up and down on the furniture!!
When I got bigger they got mad at me for it and made me stay outside!
But they still gave me food and water so it wasn't too bad.
But then one day a big male cat came around.
I was afraid of him but i had such strange feelings in my body.
After a few days he went away. I was glad he was gone.
But I could tell My Family was real angry at me.
The Man and Woman said they would take me to The Pound.
But The Little Boy and Girl cried and said they would kill me there!!
So The Man and Woman said they would take me to the woods,
where I could find food for myself.
But I can't find any food! There aren't any dishes here!!
I am so hungry and thirsty!!
I am so afraid!!
Wait! There beyond the trees!!
I see lights like from My Family's Car!
And I hear the same kind of noises it makes!
Joy !! Joy !! They came back for me!!
I will run out so they can see me!!
I can see The Lights coming!!
They are coming really fast, but I won't move!
I want them to be able to find me here in the road!!
This car sounds different from my Family's Car.
Maybe they can take me to my Family.
The lights are blinding!!!
I am so scared but now I don't know where to run!!
I hear a horrible screeching noise!!!
Oh No! What do I do now?
It is getting louder and louder!! Oh No I should R......

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