Mohawk's Story
By C. Bryant
From [email protected] 

Today as I sit here all cozy and warm,
I look outside and watch the blustery winter storm.
It wasn't that long ago I was out in the cold,
And like many a stray cat, my story has never been told.

For life as a young kitten was really tough,
The children who had me were much too rough.
One day in self defence I scratched and I bit,
For I'd had enough of being battered and hit.

They became angry and I was thrown out the door,
When I begged to come in, I was told "you don't live here anymore."
Oh, where to find food, oh, where to keep warm,
Oh, where to seek shelter from winter's harsh storm.

Every day I looked for food and tried to survive,
I ate from the garbage just to stay alive.
My coat had become matted right down to the skin,
And with no food to eat, I had become very thin.

One day a SCAT volunteer, such a kind soul,
Put out a trap with a smelly food bowl.
With hunger gnawing at my tummy, I entered to dine,
The door crashed shut and I started to yowl and to whine.

My body was shaking and trembling with fear,
She looked inside and softly said "Oh, what a dear!"
She drove me to the vet and said "another from the trailer court."
At first their attention and love I did thwart.

It wasn't long before my mattes were shaved and I had a new look,
They called me "Mohawk" and entered me in their book.

I could never be sure when they took me from my cage,
Whether, if like the children, I was going to be the victim of their rage.
"Oh, what to do with Mohawk" Linda said to her friend,
"With this biting there seems to be no end.

He is tame, so putting him back in a colony won't do,
And the only volunteer who won't be afraid of him has to be you."

Soon I was loaded into a kennel and on my way to a new house.
This place isn't so bad, there's lots of food, a soft bed & even a toy mouse.
Now when I go to bite, my new Mom gently takes me by the scruff,
And says "No Mohawk", that's quite enough!

Life here is good, I can't believe my luck,
I have lots of food, love and I've become quite a suck!
Sitting in the window and watching the birds is such fun,
I can smell the fresh air and bask in the sun.

I love to help make popcorn and watch as it flies down the chute,
And dipping my paws in the melting butter is a real hoot!
"Oh Mohawk, out of the butter" I get threatened with a squirt,
But water from a spritzer bottle surely won't hurt.

My fur has grown back, all silky and soft,
And I pretend I'm a lion lounging in my loft.
Life certainly is wonderful as I sit on the inside of the outside door,
And with a screened in deck to enjoy, I couldn't want for more.

I love to snuggle under the covers to sleep,
I even allow the dog her place on the bed to keep.
I've heard my foster Mom say,
"Mohawk, you've stolen my heart and here you will stay."

Oh God in heaven, please hear my prayer,
For the other cats on the street to have someone to care.

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