Well Puppies
~ by Lynne Fridley

Little fuzzy puppies all black and tan,
Your fate has been left in my hand.
We will always be friends, you two and me,
From the bottom of a well I set you free.
Covered with dirt, so hungry you were,
You were all wet with mud on your fur.
You trembled and hid, so full of fear,
As I reached out and said "Come here."

You stayed at the shelter for much to long;
You played and played and grew so strong.
All the other puppies would bark and play;
The numbers increased with each passing day.
You had food and water, a kind word or two;
At times, outside, you had something to do.
It's really not bad at a shelter like this,
But a back yard and kids is what you miss.

People would come, I would tell your story;
They would look and smile and say "I'm sorry."
You would jump and whine and wag your tail,
But they always wanted a cute fuzzy male.
Your sister felt bad, she got sick one day;
Three days later she was too sick to play.
Death is a final thing, there is nothing to fear;
I talked to her and loved her and held her so near.

To rescue a puppy from a horrible death,
Then to hold it next to you and feel the last breath.
I took your life in a final act of love;
At times I don't understand and ask him above.
He knows the heartache and the pain we face,
It all equals out with the animals we place.

One day a nice family with kids came by,
Looked the last puppy over, then straight in the eye.
The children said she would be fun,
They took her home to play and run.
She was afraid, didn't know what to think,
They talked to her, fed her, gave her water to drink.

She likes it here at her new home,
Free to love, to live, to play and roam.
She'll not forget her friend who set her free,
I gave her love and life and a part of me.

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