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loving some animals
(Artwork - 014)

This piece emerged in direct relation to observing my own rescued cat Rufus (above), his comfort, serenity and safety in that moment as a - pet. And the subsequent contemplation and sorrow - for other species, categorised by human hierarchical standards and value systems - and treated, often horrifically, as mere objects without individuality.


Copyright © J.H. Dickinson

"I am an artist, writer and therapist, always advocating for the non-human animal and species rights, alongside human rights and the planet itself. I create work to draw attention to all suffering, and aim to evoke compassion. I live in the wilds of Northumberland (England) and can be found amongst the hills, scribbling and sketching, often under the watchful and curious gaze of other animals." ~ Julie, May 2022

 Book: I, Animal: Examining the animal - human divide

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