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In this section are copies of original works of art. All of them are dedicated to helping us live according to unconditional love and compassion, which is the foundation of our peaceful means of bringing true and lasting peace to all of God's creatures, whether they are human beings or other animals.

Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus)

Barry Kent MacKay art
(Artwork - 095)
Snowy Owl
(Bubo scandiacus)

Although a bird that where I live is associated with winter, I worked on this painting during the hottest day of the year, so far. Snowy Owls are Holarctic species that nest north of the tree line, on tundra and open ground. But they often move south in the winter, and periodically, as they have in North America in the last two winters, they can do so in rather large numbers. And some linger late. I did this painting for the cover of a journal, so the treatment was different from what I might otherwise have done. I had to have a vertical format, and leave room around the top and bottom for text. I also needed to keep it bold and simple. The painting is done in acrylics on compressed hardboard, and is small in size.

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Barry describes himself as a Canadian artist/writer/naturalist.
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