75 Selected Winning Essays: 'I'm A Vegan'
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Butterflies Katz, Veganism: A Truth Whose Time Has Come
August 2015

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The following selected essay winners that comprise the I'm a vegan collection were the result of an online essay contest, and some were contributed for the book that will follow. The essays reveal that there are religious vegans and those vehemently anti-theist.

This compilation exemplifies that vegans are Protestant and Pagan, Abolitionist and Anarchist, African and Asian-American, World-Record-Breaking vegan athlete and self proclaimed 'vegan-fattie', in-your-face activist and introvert, anti-natalist and mothers, punks and professionals, who come in all ages, races, and nationalities. However, there is a golden thread that binds them (and all vegans together).

Read all 75 essays in the attached PDF.

Butterflies Katz: It is my intention to publish the above essays and many more wonderful and definitely publishable essays that I received as a book. I am still accepting (400 word or less essays) for inclusion in this book.

If interested in submitting, send an email to [email protected]

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