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FROM Arthur Poletti

Every member of The United States Congress Including President Barrack Obama and his family should watch the video and read the posted publications below that prove why the most beneficial healthcare plan should include requiring that all animal flesh and dairy products be removed from all food chains throughout the United States soon, and be *COMPLETELY REPLACED BY ONLY EARTH GROWN FOOD*.

No longer eating dangerous, extremely unhealthy, chemically saturated, decaying animal flesh, and unhealthy dairy products would soon prove to be the very best plan for greatly improving the health and welfare of billions of people. Eventually reducing healthcare cost by billions of dollars in the United States.

The obviously needed and revolutionary change to eating only earth grown food will prove to be the most important component needed to support and deliver the most successful healthcare plan ever conceived of resulting in a much healthier and far more prosperous society. Setting a superb standard for all governments and billions of people throughout the world to soon emulate and benefit from.

Following are many of the countless benefits of veganism!!

Click on the publication -- 57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan!!

Click on this video titled: 101 Reasons To Go Vegan!!

Click on the publication titled: The Vegan Wolf

Please share this essay to help promote the best possible healthcare for every person young and old in the United States.

Thank you,
Arthur Poletti

Obamacare vegan care

Obamacare Vegan Care Arthur Poletti

Arthur Poletti Obamacare-VeganCare

Arthur Poletti Obamacare-VeganCare

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