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January 2008

Stop Farming Animals for Food

  • Farming animals for food causes immense pain and suffering, which is morally and ethically wrong because they feel pain and suffer the same as we humans do.
  • Farming animals for food destroys our environment by contributing 18% of all greenhouse gases (more than all transportation) in the form of methane, which is far worse that carbon dioxide.  Farming animals also consumes more land and water that raising plant food for human consumption, and is the main cause of destroying the world's rain forests.
  • Farming animals for food contributes to world hunger by diverting food crops to feeding animals destined for slaughter.  This is a very inefficient way  of supplying needed calories to hungry humans.
  •  Farming animals for food hardens the hearts of humans who cause and contribute to their suffering, because these humans no longer feel or care about the animals' pain and suffering.  Without such empathy, humans become sociopathic.

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