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FROM Black Vegans Rock
December 2018

Diverse Vegan (est. 2018, Morocco), is a global online community platform.

diverse vegan
Diverse Vegan (est. 2018, Morocco), is a global online community platform that welcomes all of those who seek an unbiased approach towards understanding veganism while sharing ideas and building a community.

As an American woman born in the city of Chicago; Diverse Vegan was created by Naomi Israel, a Chicago native. The idea behind Diverse Vegan is to engage with everyone from all backgrounds, races, various personal identities and eating lifestyle preferences.

Diverse Vegan is aspiring to become a community that is as diverse as the adjective entails. They aim to focus on providing resources for topics relating to health and fitness, wellness, nutrition, travel, mindfulness, mental and spiritual health, and more!

Naomi Israel
Naomi Israel

Diverse Vegan is not interested in converting anyone to the veganism lifestyle. In fact, they would love for community members to say, "I am a Diverse Vegan, not because of what I'm eating, but because of the resources offered that have changed my viewpoints on the way I see my life and the decisions I make for not only my health, but for the planet.

So, whether you're vegan, a part-time vegan, vegetarian, curious about the vegan lifestyle or simply searching for healthier alternatives for your overall wellbeing, Diverse Vegan has you covered.

They encourage everyone to not only follow and support, but to actively be engaged.


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Instagram: @diversevegan

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