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Front Page of Flyer

Killing Babies for Cheap Meat

Three hundred six-to eight-week old chicks are killed every second in the U.S. — 18,000 a minute, 1,080,000 an hour, nine billion a year...numbers that cannot represent the incomprehensible suffering.

The “parent bird industry” produces billions of fertile eggs that are hatched in industrialized crates. Hatchlings are shipped to warehouses with 30-50,000 other birds, the air thick with toxins and ammonia; nothing natural provided.

Selective breeding and genetic manipulation have resulted in bodies unable to support the birds’ unnatural growth. Broken, weak, twisted legs and heart attacks are common.

At six to eight weeks of age the birds are roughly grabbed three or four at a time and stuffed into carriers on trucks and shipped to slaughter, usually with no protection from sweltering heat or freezing rain or snow.

At the slaughterhouse, the birds are dumped onto conveyor belts where a “live hanger” grabs them and slams their legs onto hooks, hanging as many as 15 birds a minute. A live hanger can hang 5,000 birds each workday.

The conveyor belt drags their heads through electrified water, not to stun them, but only to immobilize them to better position them for the rotating neck-cutting blades.

Those who are still alive will finally die, boiled alive in scalding water designed for the final indignity, removal of all their feathers. Then they are sliced and packaged.

So much suffering for a mouthful of food.

For the birds...GO VEGAN!

Treat ALL God’s creatures with compassion and dignity...

Back Page of Flyer
Visit or become one of our animal-friendly churches where people who love and honor animals are welcomed 

Help us end cruelty in places where people worship!

Throughout the ages, human beings have accepted killing, violence and violent behavior as just being a part of life. And organized religions have perpetuated and endorsed this kind of thinking, burying their collective head in the sand.

Churches talk about peace and love and compassion while we take pleasure in hunting animals, bull fights and cock fights, horse racing and fishing. In places of worship, people wear clothing made from the furs and skins of tortured animals.

And most importantly, our diets are based on violence toward and the deaths of billions of animals. And these kinds of meals are supported, endorsed and promoted by most religions.

We are urging people of faith to include all of God’s creatures in all programs, activities, sermons, events and fundraisers.

Mission and Purpose of

To promote through education the prevention of suffering and cruelty to any of God's creatures, human or otherwise, including, but not limited to their diet, their health and their living conditions.

To promote through education the elimination of the use of animals in biomedical research and testing, their use as food, or their use for any and all commercial purposes; and to protect the environment in which we all live, so that no living beings suffer from its destruction or pollution.

To support organizations that have similar goals of preventing any harm to any of God's creatures, human or otherwise, or to the environment.

To provide an internet archive of educational materials to assist both teachers and students in the furtherance of cruelty-free living.

The Mary T and Frank L Hoffman Family Foundation
Unit 1012, 121 Tammy Trail
Athens NY 12015-3707
[email protected]

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