Animals are sentient beings
Animals: Tradition - Philosophy


Will Tuttle, Ph.D., The World Peace Diet
October 2012

All the world’s major religions have their own form of the Golden Rule that teaches kindness to others as the essence of their message. They all recognize animals as sentient and vulnerable to us, and include them within the moral sphere of our behavior.

There are also strong voices in all the traditions emphasizing that our kindness to other beings should be based on compassion. This is more than merely being open to the suffering of others; it also explicitly includes the urge to act to relieve their suffering.

We are thus responsible not just to refrain from harming animals and humans, but also to do what we can to stop others from harming them, and to create conditions that educate, inspire, and help others to live in ways that show kindness and respect for all life.

This is the high purpose to which the core teachings of the world’s wisdom traditions call us.

It is an evolutionary imperative, a spiritual imperative, an imperative of compassion, and, in reality, a vegan imperative. 

sentient sentience will tuttle
Image from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

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