Animals Religion and the EnvironmentAnimals, Religion and the Environment: The Bibleís Teachings on Protecting Animals and Nature by Lewis Regenstein
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Part 2: Protecting God's Creation

The literature of the Bible and of the Judaic-Christian religious tradition is filled with admonitions, commandments, and stories promoting conservation, respect for nature and the environment, and kindness to animals. These rules and writings have traditionally emphasized God's love for His Creation and all of its creatures. The obligation of humans to respect and protect animals and the natural environment appears throughout the Bible and the writings of its prophets and other leaders.

The Bible is clear, emphatic, and unequivocal in praising the Lordís Creation, and no believer in the words of the Bible can deny these passages. Nor can one ignore or violate these teachings without disobeying the laws of God and His prophets.

The Scriptures make it clear that God expects humans to act as caretakers of His Creation, to cherish and protect His creatures and the natural environment. These teachings were eloquently summarized by Jesus, who said that no sparrow falls to earth without the Lordís caring.

Our modern-day policies and programs that wipe out entire populations and species of wildlife, and confine huge numbers of food animals together in miserable conditions, causing massive pollution and damage to wildlife and the environment, clearly violate God's commands to "replenish the earth," conserve natural resources, and treat animals with kindness.

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