Radharani and Champa...Deadly Elephant Tragedy in India
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Ameer Sanghvi
July 2012

India is a country of highest spiritual-philosophical standards and lowest characters; therefore, she is unfortunately the land of the greatest hypocrites in modern world. People from all religious faiths in India claim to worship the elephant god “Ganesha” and revere elephants as symbolic representation of Ganesha, yet they openly and consistently abduct, enslave, brutally torture, terrorize, and exploit elephants till their death. Just like anywhere else a dead elephant is worth more, so even a dead elephant does not get spared here.
On June 29, 2012 in Noida near Delhi, after having used two female elephants as wedding displays, the elephant handler terrorists were forcefully walking them on the hard asphalt surface on one of the world’s most deadly freeways en route to a Jain Temple of Shaktinagar in Greater Noida. The intention was to use these abducted, enslaved, tortured and terrorized elephants for a religious ceremonial procession organized by the Jain temple, the very temple which was supposedly built to help spread the message of Jain principles: Jiv Daya (Compassion to all living beings) and Ahimsa (Non-Violence).

Ownership, abduction, enslavement, torture, terror, and brutal killing of any living being are considered the worst of Bad Karmas according to Jainism. The owner of the enslaved elephants, Zahir Ahmed Jumman and Shaukat are of Islamic faith and it is a practice for them to consume dead body parts of abducted, enslaved, tortured, terrorized and brutally killed animals. By giving them business and money in exchange for renting enslaved elephants, the Jains have contributed and empowered them to continue animal terrorism, which again amounts to the worst of Bad Karmas and due to this reason those Jains have acted as hypocrites.
Back to the elephants’ tragedy... While walking on the freeway both elephants were hit by a truck (License Plate# HR-38-L-8330) which was being driven much faster than the maximum speed limit. As a result a 45 year old elephant named Radharani, was pinned to the truck and dragged on the hard surface of asphalt road for more than 20 meters. She injured her spine and helplessly collapsed, she was foaming at the mouth and bled from her legs and other injured body parts until she died after more than an hour long painful struggle to get on her feet.

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Radharani...died on the road

The second elephant named Champa was thrown far away with serious body injuries to her head and face. She also sustained a fractured right thigh and leg. Due to the fractured leg she is unable to sit while standing with injuries and so much body weight is obviously even more painful. The vet suggested that her fracture will take up to one and a half months to heal. The poor owner cannot afford to not make money for that long and also to pay for Champa’s medical treatment; he will either force her everyday to get up and work by carrying heavy loads on hard asphalt surface (which gives elephants arthritis) or will abandon her and deprive her of any help until she dies a painful death. The elephants never forget, Champa will always remember being hit by a truck and will always be fearful of them; she has also witnessed her friend being dragged and killed.
Considering her physical and lifelong psychological trauma and very high chances of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I WISH FOR CHAMPA TO BE EUTHANIZED IMMEDIAELY and be set free forever from the painful misery otherwise she will be either forced to endure further slavery by Zahir Ahmed Jumman and Shaukat or the Non-Profit Mafias of the Animal Rights Industry will get hold of her in order to exploit her tragedy and embezzle tons of money from the herd of emotionally blinded-idiots, which never helps animals.
At present Champa is in custody of Noida District Forest Officer; however, due to lack of information available online, I am not able to acquire direct contact information for that office. So, below I have shared a general e-mail and website of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Paryavaran Complex, Delhi:

Please contact them ASAP demanding to administer pain free euthanasia to Champa in order to set her free from further pain and suffering. This is only the first task; the second task is to make sure that Radharani and Champa do not get replaced by another set of elephant slaves. For this we need to knock on every door we possibly can including the Indian Government and All religious institutions, especially the Jain community to help permanently end terrorism on all animals because Compassion & Non-Violence are their trademark principles that inspired Mahatma Gandhi, whose activism inspired Dr. King and both of whom with their non-violent leadership and inspiration have served humanity all around the world; however, since then, the non-human earthlings have become the greatest victims in our non-violent society, which demonstrates that we are far away from being able to call ourselves a non-violent society. Unless and until every living being is protected under this umbrella of non-violence there will always be incidents like this and while we feel excited to take action in order to address one incident, hundreds of others will occur and therefore urgent grand efforts are required to put a permanent end to cruelty to all earthlings.  

“Humans were, are and will remain the sole reason of all human created catastrophes; therefore, spaying and neutering all reproduction capable humans will help permanently end the never ending wars, occupations, genocides, child molestations, rapes, homelessness, hunger, poverty, corruption, abduction-enslavement-exploitation-terrorism-torture-endless suffering and brutally painful deaths of human and non-human earthlings plus absolute environmental destruction at air-water-ground level and rapidly expanding quest of space invasion, which has led to explosion of floating hi-tech junk in the space and if humans succeed then soon the other planets too will be destroyed just like our mother planet, earth.”
~ Ameer Sanghvi

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