The Covenant with All Living Creatures - Readers' Comments - Carrie Gilshen - 11 Oct 2002
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Stephen R. L. Clark

- Readers' Comments -

By Carrie Gilshen - 11 Oct 2002

I just read "Things Are Gods Love"...the line (to paraphrase)...let us allow as many creatures as possible to live as satisfactory a life as possible...coincides with my very belief system.

I am saddened at times to be a member of the human race.

One day a coworker thoughtlessly stepped on a large bug smashing only half of its body.  I quickly finished the job so that it wouldn't suffer.  She of course mocked me and said it's A BUG!!  And then added "An ugly one at that"...I asked her how she would feel if a group of aliens landed on earth and decided that they didn't like blonds who wore their hair up and smashed her body from the waist down...She told me I was "crazy' to make such a comparison...

Crazy? I don't think so...but I do think that this coworker represents the majority.

Articles like yours may help to open some eyes.


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