I Believe
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Debra Mucci
July 2016

I believe that every one of the Lordís creatures deserve respect and the right to live their lives in peace without the harassment of mankind.

I believe that all of the Lordís creatures are created equal and that no man has a right to consider himself superior.

I believe that Noah was ordered to have two of each animal board the Ark so that animals could survive. Not so that mankind could hunt or destroy an animal at will.

I believe the idea behind the Ark was that mankind was to share the earth with all of the Lordís creatures and that all were to live in peace.

I believe that no man has a right to mistreat or abuse any animal no matter how upset, angry or confused the person may be.

I believe that every creature has as much right to live in peace as mankind.

I believe we can make this happen. Please do your part and report animal cruelty and abuse.

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