Little Trilogy of True Love
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About the flow of Love as a source of happiness

Today I want to address the souls with words which will shoot through creation like a burning arrow. Tell the souls that God has made all creatures out of Love. He has provided them with the ability to love. It is the experience and the spreading of this Love, as well as the purity with which this is done, that demonstrate a creature’s Divine origin.

Each human soul is by nature driven by the need to be happy. True happiness is the state which reminds the soul of her Divine origin. It is a foretaste of the experience of unity with God, which becomes perfect after life on earth, as soon as the soul is capable of achieving this perfect unity. The ability to be one with God’s Heart, the Source of all things created and the Source of all Love, is determined by the extent to which Love within the soul comes closer to perfection.

Dear souls, man can not become truly happy as long as both his behaviour and his inner frames of mind and heart impede or contaminate the stream of God’s Love towards each fellow creature – both man and animal. The soul who does not love her fellow creature – man or animal – with a self-denying Love, will not find true happiness.

How could she, since she also deprives God of this Love, God who can feel all experiences in the hearts and bodies of all creatures – man and animal alike.

The soul who abuses, tortures or torments her fellow creature – man or animal – physically, emotionally or mentally, will not find true happiness, for she abuses, tortures or torments the Heart of God Himself.

The soul who is indifferent to the well-being and happiness of her fellow creature – man or animal – will not find true happiness, for thereby she actually shows indifference towards God.

Whether a soul finds true happiness, is determined by:

- the extent to which she assimilates God’s Love;

- the extent to which she allows this Love to become fruitful within herself, for the purpose of her own purification and inner flourishing. Indeed, God does not pour His Love into a soul in the form of a flower in bloom, but in the form of little seeds, which must sprout in the warmth of the heart. This warmth is developed in the soul if she is really receptive to God’s Love and if she puts her free will at the service of God’s Plan with her;

- the extent to which she gives all her fellow creatures – men and animals – real, unselfish Love.

Dear souls, God has provided you with the biggest treasure: the ability to be truly happy – not the way the world gives this, but the way the soul can only experience this in God’s Heart, by discovering the unity with the Source of all Love.

The soul that accepts this treasure and does not lock it away in the dungeon of darkness of a heart that is filled with worldly desires, radiates God’s beauty, for this soul radiates the twinkling of precious stones from the treasury of the Creator of all things. The whole of creation is maintained only because of the fact that the Love from God’s Heart keeps flowing through creation, century after century, day after day, second after second. If this flow of Divine Love were to stop for as little a one second, the whole of creation would lose its vital force and its bloom.

Dear souls, from the beginning man was chosen to represent God towards the whole of creation. On each one of you rests the duty to forward God’s Love to each fellow creature – man and animal alike. Because the human soul was created as the crown upon creation, she is the first to receive the flow of Divine Love. It therefore depends on the human soul to what extent God’s image can become visible throughout creation. The better the human soul assimilates true unselfish Love, experiences it, radiates it, and makes it work for the benefit of her fellow creatures – men and animals – the more lively and pure God’s Love and the force of Divine Life will flow through creation. The result for the soul herself is the experience of true happiness.

The more the human soul exchanges true Love for works of darkness by filling her fellow creature – man or animal – with fear and distrust, or by tormenting or hurting her fellow creature in any way whatsoever, the more the ability to experience the unity with God’s Heart and to find true happiness will suffocate inside of her.

I want to prompt each human soul to carefully consider her responsibility as a representative of God’s Love towards creation.

Whenever a soul cuts a fellow creature – man or animal – off from the true experience of God’s Love by treating this fellow creature badly, she thereby incurs guilt.

The reflection that an animal would be excluded from God’s Plan of Salvation in the narrow sense of the word, and that therefore a loveless way of treating animals would not be regarded nor judged by God as a sin, is an aberration which is shamelessly exploited by Satan.

Each and every animal indirectly plays its specific part within God’s Plan of Salvation, through the way in which the human soul treats it. A creature – man or animal – that is treated badly, gradually loses his or its vital forces and consequently will, either entirely or in part, no longer be able to accomplish the plan God had conceived for him/her.

The soul that either entirely or partly fails to let Love flow to her fellow creature – man or animal – thus counteracts God’s Plan and disrupts the balance within creation.

Do dwell upon this consideration, because it can bring forward the restoration of creation and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Consider that bad treatment of animals, ranging from shameless exploitation to genuine ill-treatment, lays upon mankind a heavy burden of countless sins.

The soul that sows Love, harvests true happiness. The soul that does not sow Love or destroys the seed of Love in her fellow creature – man or animal – reaps a harvest of unhappiness and enhances the guilt of all mankind towards Divine Justice.

No soul lives for herself alone: each sin and each vice burden the soul with a primary and a secondary guilt. Primary guilt is the one which rests upon her directly on account of the effects of her actions or omissions on herself, as to her personal state of grace; secondary guilt is the one for which she is responsible on account of the effects of her actions or omissions on creation as a whole.

May the soul consider the fact that God sees, hears and feels everything. Every act of tenderness, every kiss, every kind word, every act of charity, every word of encouragement, every expression of kindness and Love, but also every hurtful or unkind word, and every torture or pain inflicted upon a fellow creature – man or animal – physically, emotionally or mentally, is felt by God’s Heart up to its slightest details. Every act and every word of Love kisses God, every act and every word of lovelessness tortures God. May the souls therefore carefully consider how to treat each fellow creature.

Dear souls, the Mistress of all souls has been given to you as the Gardener who is able to bring within you the seed of Divine Life to the fruitfulness it is intrinsically able to yield. Your heavenly Mistress is able to make the wonderful, fragrant flowers of both earthly and eternal happiness bloom within you. Do accept the treasure you have received out of God’s hand.

It's not the rains of setbacks and trials of life that make a soul unhappy, but the way in which the soul herself deals with Love. The soul that truly accepts God’s Love, makes it bloom within herself, and spreads it around all over her environment, and develops the force of Divine Life. This force enables the soul to let every trial and every setback evaporate.

Can water resist fire without undergoing any changes? Now then, the setbacks and trials of life are like water: they make the path of life fruitful, and in proportion as the fire of Love burns more intensively, it clears away all puddles that are likely to turn the path of life into swampy soil in which the soul may get stuck.

In a soul that truly assimilates God’s Love, processes it, makes good use of it, and radiates it all over her fellow creatures – man and animal alike – the rains of trials and setback do not even get the opportunity to build puddles and mud.

Dear souls, you are bearers of your own happiness. God gives, I Myself till, and each soul can either use the harvest or allow it to waste away on the path of her life, so that she herself and her environment starve. I emphatically call each soul to the true following of Christ by becoming sources of true Love, happiness and feelings of security for all her fellow creatures – men and animals. Never forget that God, Eternal Love, feels everything any soul does to her fellow creatures, as though it were done to Him directly. I Myself, also feel everything going on in all creatures, and all pains they suffer physically, emotionally and mentally.

According to the feelings the soul has given God in the course of her life on earth – happiness, Love, pain or torture – He will judge her. Light breeds more Light, darkness breeds more darkness.

Whoever serves darkness, will harvest darkness, both during his life on earth and afterwards. Whoever sows Light and Love, will harvest Light and Love, both during his life on earth and afterwards. The Light spread around by a soul will be given back to her a hundredfold as Wisdom. The Love spread around by a soul, will be given back to her a hundredfold as happiness.

May the souls regard and live these words as a burning call to restore the dignity of all creatures – men and animals – because every creature bears within itself God’s signature. The way a soul treats a fellow creature, is actually how she is treating God.

Each way of dealing with a person or an animal which is not filled with, nor inspired by, true, disinterested, unselfish Love, creates an obstacle to the flow of Divine Love.

Help Me remove the darkness from all relations among people and between people and animals, so that the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth may be brought forward.

Help Me to thereby take away one of the most powerful arms of destruction used by Satan: the lack of Love displayed by many souls towards their fellow creatures.

In proportion as the flow of Love circulates more freely and more vigorously, the whole creation will be more thoroughly pervaded by God’s strength, and true happiness will bloom in the gardens of ever greater numbers of souls.

True Love breeds Life and happiness; hate, contempt and ill treatment breed darkness and unhappiness: for the victim, but even a great deal more for the guilty soul. Open up your hearts, and experience how each act and expression of Love multiplies and gets back to you as the true inner Peace of Christ.

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