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Paul Turner, Food For Life Global
March 2016

juliana's farm

Even if you donít celebrate Easter, itís hard to ignore. Every time you walk into a mall, you probably see all the images of eggs, baby chickens, and bunnies. If you do celebrate Easter, you might have even bought some chocolate bunnies for your loved ones.

When I see those images, it reminds me that not all bunnies are as happy as the ones you see on chocolate.

But you can do something to change that.

Lucy, an angora rabbit, was bought by a school to satisfy their own curiosity. Unfortunately for Lucy, the school didnít do a very good job. They threw her in a cage, fed her the wrong food, and selfishly bred her for nine babies that the school then sold. They didnít just sell Lucyís babies to just anyone thoughóthe school sold them to be eaten or to be used to create the infamous angora wool.

If you donít know about angora wool, you should know itís created from rabbit fur. The rabbits have their hair yanked out by humans until their skin is red and raw. The rabbits scream just like any person would, but the humans do not care. Once the fur has grown back after three months, the poor rabbits are subjected to this torture again. [Read A Look Inside the Angora Rabbit Fur Industry.]

No one deserves this cruel torture. You can help change the lives of abused and tortured bunnies today.

Lucy was eventually rescued from her lonely cage by a kind student at the school. She bathed Lucy and took her to the vet. But Lucy needed a new home, as she was too big to stay in her courageous rescuerís small apartment.

So Lucy was brought to Julianaís Animal Sanctuary, a farm in Colombia that rehabilitates animals in need. Of course Juliana would never say no to helping an animal, especially one as ignored and abused as Lucy was.

Juliana built her a proper enclosure where she has room to hop around with her new siblings and live as happily as every bunny should.

juliana's farm

juliana's farm
Images from Juliana's Animal Sanctuary

It is because of the support of their donors that Juliana is able to provide care for these beautiful animals who have already lived such hard lives. Thatís why I am writing to you today.

As someone who supports Food for Life, I know you care about the safety and well-being of all living creatures. You have been so kind to us in the past, so I am hoping you can extend your kindness once more. Julianaís sanctuary (their home) requires a lot of money to run and she desperately needs your support.

If you can afford it, please will you make a generous donation of $15 to help support the rehabilitation of animals who suffer at the hands of humans?

I understand you may not be able to give right now, especially if youíve already spent a lot of money on the upcoming Easter holiday. But if you are able, a gift of $15, $25, or an incredibly generous $40 would make all the difference to animals like Lucy. We are grateful for any help you can kindly lend Julianaís furry family. If you can donate, Iíll make sure to pass on Lucyís thanks :-) 

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