I Sang to the Cows
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Judith McCoy Carman as posted on Peaceable Table
November 2016

As I sang, I felt more deeply and clearly than ever that these cows were singing back to me—not with audible sound, but with some sort of vibration from their hearts and souls to mine. Not only singing, but teaching me! I felt completely embraced in their love and tears filled my eyes.

beautiful cows

beasts, and let them teach you; and the birds of the heavens and let them tell you. Or speak to the earth, and let it teach you; and let the fish of the sea declare to you.”

PRAYER TO LISTEN WELL: We call upon Divine Love, the Love that animates and embraces all living beings, to help us really listen. Help us to hear the lessons our animal cousins, the plants and trees, and the earth have to share with us. Help us to feel the love that is pouring out to us from every rock, tree, butterfly, snail, flower, cow, dog, and from every living being. It is so much, and when we start to hear the music and feel the embrace of it all, the joy is almost overwhelming. It is so different from the everyday activity of humanity that we are used to. Give us the strength and clarity to receive it all and be revived into our true and holy nature. Give us the strength and clarity to go forward ever more effectively to finally bring an end to the human-caused suffering. Give us the strength to really listen, really hear, and really see the miracle of all this. Help us to know and sense the spiritual cord that connects our hearts to the hearts of all beings and the heart of the earth. Perhaps, this overwhelming joy is frightening those who still have not found their ahimsa heart. May all people everywhere be drawn to that joy so powerfully that they can no longer shut it off. May all human souls find the peace and joy that we have found by awakening to their loving soul connection with all beings everywhere.

We call upon Divine Intelligence to guide us as we pray and take action to bring the true nature of humanity into being. Cruelty and violence cannot survive in a world overflowing with Love. That is what we are creating day by day, prayer by prayer, action by action, book by book. actions, thoughts, prayers, and visions is making it happen. The tipping Judy Carman
point is near. The Love you bring to this work in your actions, thoughts, prayers, and visions is making it happen.

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