Towards a Theologically-motivated Veganism
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FROM Tyler John, 2013
Posted on Al-Creatures on January 25, 2019

Through an analysis of several key passages and themes in Scripture and an examination of a few purported problem passages for Christian vegetarians, I hope to demonstrate that there are very strong theological reasons for Christian adherence to a committed vegan lifestyle.

I am a vegan because I am a Christian. I believe that the virtues of peace-making and compassion demanded by the life of Jesus Christ are incompatible with the gratuitous violence, bloodshed, and suffering perpetrated by the meat and dairy industries.

Moreover, I believe that the way of life that Scripture commands is one of care for creation, particularly for those creatures that are most weak and vulnerable. The contemporary western farming industry is objectionable on many levels, from concerns about animal welfare to those of human health, environmental stewardship, resource efficiency, and justice for oppressed human beings.

Given the many detriments of the animal farming industry, it seems like nearly everyone should be somewhat uncomfortable with its procedures and hesitant to support it by purchasing and consuming animal products, yet meat and dairy remains a central staple in the American diet and Christians remain some of the most impassioned opponents of those who would maintain a vegan ethic.

Herein, I hope to dispel some of the Christian antagonism to veganism and help others to understand why I, and a growing number of Christians besides, have chosen to adopt a vegan diet....


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