They're Already Dead... As an Excuse to Eat Animals
Animals: Tradition - Philosophy


Rev. Frank Hoffman

It seems that when we get into ethical discussions about eating animals, there is often an interwoven discussion about being judgmental, so I'd like to try to put this into a Biblical perspective as best we can.

Jesus had every right to be judgmental, but He never seemed to use it. Instead He discerned the intent of the people, such as when He told people to "go forth and sin no more." He discerned the sin in their lives, and by grace He healed them told them to change their way of life.

The Bible also teaches us that we will know others by their fruit. This means that we have to observe who they are through their words and the way they live, as compared to the way that Jesus teaches us to live. And most importantly, we must look at ourselves in the same way.

When a flesh eater says that the animal was already dead, are they not saying this to justify what they are doing, and are they not also totally dismissing the suffering of the animals? Is our discernment of their self-justification a form of judgmentalism? We don't believe it is. We believe that the Bible teaching about not judging your neighbor is more about not condemning them for their actions, and does not mean that we are to stop discerning the evil in this world and do nothing about it. We need to take a firm stand against all forms of exploitation and suffering inflicted upon animals, for if we don't, who will? It's just that we need to take the peacemakers approach when taking our stand and speaking out against the cruelty.

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