ADI'S Top Ten Dramatic Moments of 2012
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From Animal Defenders International (ADI)
January 2013

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1. Greece banned all animal circuses.

2. Europe introduced new laws on animal experiments in 26 countries, including ending wild caught primates in laboratories and other restrictions, as well as Europe’s commitment to the final phase of the Europe-wide ban on animal testing for cosmetics, including the import of animal-tested cosmetics.

3. Paraguay banned wild animals in circuses.

4. After seeing our evidence of the cruelty and brutality suffered by elephants at Have Trunk Will Travel in California, elephant rides were cancelled at the Orange County and LA County Fairs, the Fountain Valley Annual Easter Event, and the Santa Ana Zoo. We continue to contact fairs and zoos across the U.S. to alert them of cruel elephant training practices.

5. We exposed the horrific capture of owl monkeys, torn from the forest in Colombia for laboratories; the monkey capture has been stopped.

6. Colombia’s Circus ban was passed by their House of Representatives; the next stop is the Senate, this coming spring.

7. Securing the conviction of circus owner Bobby Roberts for cruelty to Anne the Elephant, Britain’s first circus convictions under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

8. Four local bans on animal circuses in Ireland – Monaghan, Drogheda, Waterford and Wicklow – and more to come!

9. The British Government has promised to ban wild animals in circuses – proposals are expected in 2013.

10. The lion cubs we saved from Bolivia’s last circus grew up, and grew beautiful manes!

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