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August 2013

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I produced a series of paintings, exposing animal cruelty through a theme of role reversal. I found this approach to be very effective as the public's initial reaction was one of disgust, then shock and disbelief as they realised it is them who are mindlessly contributing to this onslaught.


Amy bear bile

I have spent my life in this cage,
incarceration is all I know.
The bars clenched tight to my body,
they are my tomb and my home.
Veiled by terror and sorrow,
there is barely room to breathe.
To think of anything but the inevitable end
would be senseless and naïve.

I have seen my friends before me.
I've heard their gasping breath.
Dragged across the bile stained floor
as they near the valley of death.
Inside I rage and scream,
but externally I cower.
For to draw attention to myself
would closer my final hour.

If this is all I'm good for,
Just ceaseless, needless pain;
Then why gift me with a life?
why must I remain?
Can't you hear our shouts for justice?
Can't you hear our mournful cries?
Can't you witness our fear-ridden bodies?
Please God won't you open your eyes?

I cannot fathom your reasons,
behind this sickening game.
We all feel hurt and emotions
and our hearts they beat the same.
People who are so eager,
so willing to take a life,
if the tables were turned I'm sure you too
would beg them to drop the knife.

You think you have right of privilege,
to do with us what you please,
because you have left us defenceless,
begging on our knees.

If I could only speak,
then these are the words I would say.
It doesn't take much to realise,
that it should never have been this way.
Give us a chance to feel safe,
let us feel life's glory.
Look into my eyes,
gaze upon the despair
and please listen to the words of my story.


Amy freedom captivity

I am trapped, miles from home and though I may have little,
And despite the fact that everyday I grow more fragile, more brittle,
I have come to posses a hope that is rare
A hope that will conquer, if I believe if I dare.

As I sit and I wait, in my cage, in my prison,
For the moment to come when justice is given,
I reach out my arms, far between the bars,
And I keep them there beneath wind rain and stars,
Because I sense that one day they will look at me and say,
"What ever were we thinking, treating them this way?"

And then they will realise, as they talk more between them,
That I do not beg for food, I only beg for freedom.

And slowly but surely the process begins
Were they right all their wrongs and abandon their sins,
And liberate my chain, return me to home,
To be content and reunited and never again alone.

But until that day comes, I shall wait in my tomb
Just remember next time that you pass me...
I do not want food as so many assume,
My freedom is all that I'm asking....

Amy animal rights art

Amy animal rights art

Final thoughts from Amy:

I hope that people will continue to spread the positive messages that they embrace and raise awareness in any way they can.

I can only trust that we, as earthlings, will stand together in helping bring an end to this catastrophe that blights the animal kingdom, our planet and humankind.

Ignorance will never evoke peace, and each cannot be left to their own devices if the consequences fall gravely on others, which is why we must do what is right and be the difference that we wish to see in the world.

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