Victory! Hainan Airlines BANS Shipping Monkeys to Laboratories
An Animal Rights Article from


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
March 2013

Thanks in large part to your phone calls and support, Hainan Airlines has just confirmed to PETA that it will maintain its ban on shipping primates to laboratories. In a written statement, Hainan representatives said they "fully agree" with PETA on this issue and that they support our "effort in the protection of animal rights."

Because no China-based airline is willing to get involved in this cruel practice, primate experimenters have no easy or feasible route to import primates to the United States from China.

This means that more monkeys will remain with their families in the wild and fewer monkeys will suffer a fate worse than death in laboratories, where monkeys are commonly force-fed experimental chemicals, cut up, addicted to drugs, and killed. PETA will remain vigilant to ensure that no airline starts or resumes shipping monkeys to laboratories under pressure from the cruel primate experimentation industry.

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