Jane Velez Mitchell Covers University of Wiscon's Impending Maternal Deprivation Experiments
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Karen Dawn, DawnWatch
October 2014

On Thursday October 2, Jane Velez Mitchell covered the University of Wisconsin's impending primate maternal deprivation experiments on her national HLN evening news show. She interviewed Wayne Pacelle, head of the Humane Society of the United States, who said that anxiety and depression should be studied, "but not this way."

Please check out the story, and please leave an appreciative comment. That's important. Jane Velez Mitchell is a passionate animal rights advocate but she does not have free reign over the programming on her show. Her producers need to know that these segments are popular. They keep an eye on the website, noting the reactions to different stories and the level of engagement -- the tone of the comments and number of forwards, so please be sure to engage.

Please also sign the petition that Jane links to in the third paragraph of the story. It has over 300,000 signatures. I bet we can reach half a million if we forward it widely. Go to University of Wisconsin: Cancel The Unethical Torture and Killing of Baby Monkeys!

The story, including video of the segment, a link to the Change.org petition (in the third paragraph -- click on "Change.org").

If you missed my Huffington Post piece on the issue, "Baby Monkey Abuse Funded by Your Tax Dollars" you'll find it online here...

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