Victory: Orange County Fair Board Voted to End Elephant Rides!
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Animal Defenders International (ADI) / Break the Chain

Orange County, CA - March 22, 2011 - Animal Defenders International is pleased with the careful decision to end the elephant rides at the Fair and congratulates the Orange County Fair Board for their leadership in showing compassion for animals and concern for public safety.

The OC Fair Board has aligned itself and the fair with the most progressive practices of humane care and public safety, and sets a positive example to other county fairs in the area which we hope will soon follow their lead. The video evidence that ADI released of elephants at Have Trunk Will Travel being violently hit and ‘hooked’ with bullhooks and shocked with electric devices by trainers speaks for itself.

The community ethic of Orange County will not tolerate such abuse towards magnificent wild animals, and the Board’s decision shows they listened and agreed.

Watch Shock Electric - Animal Cruelty - undercover video by Animal Defenders International shows the brutality Have Trunk Will Travel inflicts on the elephants they “own” and “lease” out for movies, TV shows, commercials and advertisements. 

As the leader of the Break the Chain campaign, ADI works with animal rights and welfare organizations across the U.S. , and is currently working to gain grassroots support for the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 3359), which currently has 19 co-sponsors and is awaiting a hearing in the House Committee on Agriculture subcommittee of Livestock, Dairy and Poultry. ADI has conducted investigations of animals used for entertainment all over the world and has produced comprehensive reports, including one in the U.S. called Science on Suffering which details and provides evidence of the inherent suffering of animals forced to travel and perform.

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