National Coalition of Social Justice Organizations Condemn Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
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October 2006

Washington, DC – A coalition of national animal protection groups has issued a joint statement labeling the “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act” (AETA) as “un-American” and “an example of political corruption at its worst.”

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, introduced by Rep. Thomas Petri (R, WI), is being called an attack on civil liberties. “This ridiculous piece of legislation is a clear example of vested interests controlling an elected official,” said ______. “Petri’s list of contributors reads like a who’s who of animal exploiting industries and professional lobbyists.”

Citing examples of Petri’s contributors like SC Johnson, the dairy industry, 3M, the AMA, Anheiser Busch ( owner of Busch Gardens), and other animal testing and abusing industries, the organizations have labeled Petri “Bought and paid for.” The AETA bill is no different, receiving campaign contributions from pharmaceutical corporations, and meat producers. “This is political corruption at its worst.”

In calling for the defeat of this legislation, national organizations who represent hundreds of thousands of compassionate Americans, are asking congress to stand up for the rights of all U.S. Citizens. “This primary purpose of this bill is to protect corporations from individuals who are primarily exercising their right to free speech,” said ______.

“Our elected officials have a clear choice with this legislation,” added ____ . “They can vote to protect our rights, or they can destroy the U.S. Constitution for the sake of campaign contributions.”

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