Shocking Details of Alien Civilization!
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Tim Robinson
October 2000

Before going any further, I must warn readers that the material contained in this article is not for the faint-hearted, and many may find it highly disturbing.

It concerns reports and communications I have received from higher sources. These reports concern an alien civilization that perpetuates sinister and barbaric practices against beings on their own planet. It has been a solemn reminder to me, that although there are many loving beings in the universe, there are also many who do not respect life and are plainly deceitful and sadistic, and not to be trusted.

I cannot elaborate on the source of my material. Hopefully, readers will feel the truth behind my words, and use their own discretion to understand what they can.

The first reports came to me approximately 4 years ago. My 'source' began describing this civilization to me in horrific detail. I will attempt to bring words to describe my memory of this discourse. It began with a description of the ruling class on the planet. Their history is littered with cruel and inhumane acts, so I suppose with that in mind, their present-day situation is hardly surprising. The ruling class have many sympathizers to the down-trodden, yet the uncaring greatly outnumber them, so their voice is hardly heard.

There is one section of society who are treated so despicably I grimace at the thought. This group are imprisoned, and the ruling class are impervious and ignorant to their cries of pity and distress. They beg for pity and for a release from their torment, to be allowed to live their lives as they see fit and not be shackled and imprisoned against their will. Their prison cells are so small, they cannot even turn around and they never feel the warmth of their planet's sun on their bodies. Yet, the ruling class do not care for them and are disdainful of the cries. But this is not the most horrifying aspect of this cruelty.

The poor imprisoned souls have one final indignity to suffer. They are killed for the tables of the ruling class. They have no dignity even in death. They live miserable lives only to end up as food for the ruling class. Each individual is forgotten and simply looked upon as a lower species. The cruelty and lack of compassion is intolerable. I thanked God that our world is safe from this treachery.

Actually -- if the truth be known -- I am indeed talking of our world.

The "sub-class beings" I described are animals. If you were horrified that this could happen on another planet, be horrified even more that it happens on your own. The animals I described are those who are intensively or "factory farmed." It is true that most are kept in stalls so narrow that they can't turn around. It is also true that many never see the sun. Some are chained to the walls or floors of their enclosure for the duration of their lives. They are artificially inseminated and they must suckle their young through the bars of the stall until they are cruelly taken away after a short time.

If we truly are a caring species, then our compassion must extend to the other sentient beings who inhabit our planet.

Battery hens are kept in tiny cages and can't even spread their wings. They are often debeaked, as chicks, with a hot wire guillotine. Cattle are kept in feedlots where there is no room for them to graze and they cannot walk to a pond to drink or shade themselves under a tree. Pigs suffer in the most appalling conditions to satisfy the bellies of humans. Millions of animals are slaughtered every day for our food, for our clothing, for our "entertainment," or for scientific research.

Please know with certainty that there has never been any major scientific advances achieved through testing on animals. There ARE alternatives to wearing animal by-products, and you WON'T die if you do not eat your 'meat'.

There are many famous vegetarians including Leonardo da Vinci, Plato, Pythagoras, Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer, Percy Bysse Shelley, George Bernard Shaw... the list goes on and on.

There are also world-champion athletes, runners, triathletes, body-builders, and power lifters who insist on a vegetarian diet. Not only will you not die if you give up meat eating, you will find that you feel MUCH better. There's a wonderful lightness of being and you will find that all of your bodily functions will improve.

We all want a world with less strife and more compassion. Please, let's begin that compassion in the kitchen.

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