Alternatives to Animal TestingBiotechnology Companies with Complete or Important Use of Non-Animal Methods for Drug Development
Alternatives to Animal Testing, Experimentation and Dissection - An Animal Rights Article from


Physicians Committee
January 2008

[NOTE from May 2015: Recent information from Physicians Committee: Animal Testing and Alternatives]

These are selected companies (as of January 2008) perhaps of particular interest for their potential to replace and significantly reduce animal drug testing. Many other companies can be found by searching individual company types on Google or other search engine. This is also a work in progress.

Human cells and tissues (including microarrays)

  • Affymetrix (microarray industry leader):
  • Agilent Technologies (microarrays for genetic expression profiling):
  • APSciences (human cells system for testing toxicity and efficacy)
  • Asterand, plc (post merger of Asterand, Inc. and Pharmagene, plc):
  • Biopta (CRO focused on “proof of concept in man”):
  • Hurel Corporation (animal and human tissue microfluidics test kits):
  • InVitro International (ocular and dermal irritancy and corrosivity testing):
  • Invitrogen (animal-free cell culture media):
  • MatTek Corporation (human tissue irritancy and corrosivity models):
  • Stem Cell Innovations (human cell and tissue liver tox assays):
  • Solidus Biosciences (“MetaChip and “DataChip” for rapid toxicity testing of human tissue)
  • Tissue Therapies (human skin models for cosmetics and wound care):

Bioinformatics and In Silico Methods


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