An Open Letter to the Humane Society of the United States from United Poultry Concerns
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Karen Davis, PhD, United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
October 2012

Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns, emailed the following letter today to HSUS’s Wayne Pacelle, Paul Shapiro, Nicole Paquette & Mike Markarian. It is a response to the group’s new pig TALES video and promotion of pig killer Joe Maxwell to the office of a Humane Society vice president.

“The Humane Society of the United States is thrilled to celebrate Food Day with the release of this endearing and educational short film,” said [pig producer] Joe Maxwell, vice president of outreach and engagement at The HSUS. “We hope ‘A Pig’s Tail’ will ignite conversation about how food gets to the table and help end inhumane practices in the pork industry.” “The film, intended for children ages 7 to 10 and accessible to all audiences, follows Ginger and her mother as they experience life on a typical industrial factory farm. After Ginger is taken from her mother, she is determined to escape. The film follows her journey, and the evolution of a farmer who opens his eyes to a more humane and sustainable way of farming.” text


People who used to wonder when I told them my concerns about your intentions can now see the justification for themselves.

HSUS is not an animal advocacy organization or even an animal welfare organization because animals who are being lied about and branded in the public mind as “food” and misrepresented as “humanely-raised” for food are not faring well at all.

You have chosen to degrade the animals you are supposed to uphold and protect just as you have chosen to degrade the language of “compassion,” “respect,” “protection,” and other words cheapened to fit a model of animal abuse in the guise of animal care.

I have watched you fawn over animal abusers and distance yourselves publicly from people who are fighting for the freedom and dignity of animals. You have made clear that you consider our aspirations, efforts and ideals for animals to be naïve and unsophisticated compared with your maneuvers.

The disgustingness of HSUS includes the use Wayne Pacelle makes of the claim that he personally is vegan as a strategy to disarm criticism of HSUS’s pro-animal exploitation policies and programs. As has been said of Mitt Romney seeking to trade on how “nice” he is to fellow Mormons he knows personally while showing a brutal attitude toward people he doesn’t know personally, fine and dandy, but what voters need to know is: what is his Public Policy?

The Public Policy of HSUS is Animal Sacrifice.

An organization that celebrates and elevates animal exploiters, disparages animal rights advocacy, degrades other-than-human animals, cheapens words and misleads the public about animal production; an organization that opposes animal rights violence to humans, while actively promoting violence as long as that violence is directed against other forms of sentient life; an organization that supports zoos, hunting, fishing, animal experimentation, and butchery as long as these cruelties are not “egregiously” conducted (egregiously is an allusion to one of Wayne’s blogs), such an organization may be many things, but it is not an animal protection organization.

Animal advocates need to restore the words that are being devalued by pseudo-animal protection organizations to their true meanings. Any organization that would hold a helpless animal to a butcher’s knife, praise billionaires for boiling their own lobsters, and make a pig killer a vice president may be many things, but it is not a humane organization. It is a curse.

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